Art Galleries in Hong Kong You Must Not Miss

Many would say that Hong Kong is the perfect place for spending a crazy holiday, which is half true because you can also do other amazing stuff here. For example, if you are an art lover then we are sure you will have a great time if visiting the beautiful art galleries of this metropolis. From this point of view here is what we think you should not miss.



Gagosian art gallery caught on to the city’s cash-rich market potential a few years ago, in 2010 to be more precise. On that year it opened a luxuriously big, light-filled space in the central shopping district, and since then there have been important solo offerings by famous names such as Zheng Fanzhi, Richard Prince, and Roy Lichtenstein. The latest amazing exhibition that took place here is the Asia-influenced photographic show from artist Andreas Gursky. Overall, Gagosian is a beautiful art gallery which you must not miss while you are in Hong Kong.

Gallery EXIT

This gallery was established in 2008, and it presents artwork that is some sort of an antidote to the safe art environment of the city. EXIT is located right in the heart of Hong Kong. Anyone who is interested in experiencing something truly different in terms of art is most welcome to visit this place.


Saamlung opened in 2011 and since then it has had one success after another. A wonderful recent event we would like to mention was the partially destroyed canvases of Kadar Brock, a New York artist. We could say that this gallery is the equivalent of that secret bar that each metropolis has, but few know how to actually get to, as it is hidden among retail offices and several law firms on the 26th floor in an obscure Hong Kong building. Finding it can be quite challenging and fun at the same time.

White Cube

White Cube was born in April 2012 and the first exhibition that took place was an original Gilbert & George London paintings series. The high-ceilinged main exhibition room hosted lots of wonderful events over time with a great success, and that’s the main reason why this gallery is so popular these days. There is no doubt that White Cube has surprised and still is the Hong Kong audience with a lot more than just bankable big names.

Chancery Lane

Even is Chancery Lane is a quite small art gallery it still has plenty to offer. This gallery’s large-scale installation by Dinh Q Le, a famous Vietnamese artist, pulled off the considerable feat of luring several hundreds of the city’s fickle art lover public away from the protective bubble of Central.


What can be more relaxing and exciting at the same time than admiring some amazing works of art in the beautiful city of Hong Kong?! Whether you are an art lover or just a person who wants to experience something different in this metropolis, visiting any of the above art galleries will surely bring you plenty of satisfaction and it will also improve your general knowledge about the Chinese culture.

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