Budget Hotels in Hong Kong

You don’t need lots of money to visit Hong Kong. You can enjoy this amazing part of the world with a limited budget as well. For anyone who is interested in trying this experience in the near future, we will recommend some of the best budget hotels in this modern and busy city. Check these accommodations out and see which one suits you best.


Y-Loft Hotel

This hidden yet extremely lovely and comfortable hotel is perfect for those who travel on a budget. It is located in the industrial district of Chai Wan, at only 20-minute taxi ride distance from the wonderful southern beaches of Hong Kong island. Not only this is an affordable accommodation but it is also a contemporary building that features very spacious rooms with large windows and wooden floors. Free WiFi is available throughout the entire hotel, and there are also available a fitness center and a 180-meter rooftop amazing jogging track.

Bishop Lei International House

There is no doubt that space is a quite rare commodity in Hong Kong, especially in the vibrant Soho. Bishop Lei International House features relatively small rooms, but the convenience of the location and the superb views over Victoria Harbour certainly compensate. If you just want to relax then the good news is that the hotel has an outdoor swimming pool which can be a blessing especially during the hot summer months.

Espace Elastique B&B

Who said that you cannot spend a fantastic holiday in Hong Kong with just a little money?! If you are looking for a comfortable yet cheap accommodation in Hong Kong then the Espace Elastique B&B is exactly what you need. This is an excellent location to unwind and explore the other sides of the city. The area is laced with several hiking trails and mountain biking tracks, which means it is ideal for anyone who wants to try something challenging in this metropolis. At Espace Elastique B&B you will have free WiFi and an ultra comfortable bed where you can relax after a long day spent around stunning Hong Kong.

Cosmo Hotel Mongkok

We guarantee that you will love the Cosmo Hotel Mongkok. The building features stylish high ceilings, a glass-fronted lobby, and spacious & light rooms. We could say that this hotel’s design is a peaceful and lovely contrast to the old, jam-packed neighborhood outside. Mongkok is definitely the perfect place for exploring. There are also several clothing shops, shoe shops, and markets where you can spend your time and money obviously. However, you are on holiday and you can do whatever you want. Don’t forget to also try the delicious food in the area.


All the above budget hotels are highly recommended for those who travel to Hong Kong on a Budget and they still want to have a comfortable accommodation. These locations are in some nice areas of the city and they offer everything a guest needs in order to just enjoy his holiday to the fullest. Therefore, don’t waste precious time and book yours as soon as possible.

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